June 7, 2006

Obligatory and Overdue Rant

I have a bone to pick with you. Well, maybe not you per se, but Americans in general and Californians in particular. This is a profanity- laced rant so if you have a delicate sensibility, virgin ears, or you are related to me by blood, I am going to go ahead and ask you to move right on along.

Question of the day: Are you people retarded or is your well-equipped brain lodged so far up your ass that you can’t give a shit to cast a motherfucking ballot?

Yesterday, in California, we had a primary election and something like less than 34% 28% of voters turned out. That is one of, if not the, lowest turnout ever. And that is including absentee ballots! Fucking A. What the fuck is wrong with people? I was there, I didn't know who to vote for in certain races (like assistant to the assistant librarian for the water district archives supervisor or some such thing) but I did my best and gave a shit enough to stop by the polling place and push a freaking button. I am happy that my choice for Democratic gubenatorial candidate, Phil Angelides, won the primary. But barely. And he'll probably lose to Arnie in November if voter turnout is any indication. Can someone please slap some sense into these fucktards and tell them that our country is going straight to hell and we are the only ones who can actually do something to slow down the descent?!

I know you're busy. I am too. I know it's hard to choose sometimes because it's hard to know which politician is less corrupt and which ones stand for the issues we care about (Gay Marriage anyone? Riiiight. Such an important issue affecting my life every single day. Fuckety fuck. Could we spend any MORE time debating an issue that has no chance in hell of becoming a constitutional amendment right now and in the first place shouldn't even have been a proposal?) I know it's hard to care about silly little things like our right to privacy, freedom of choice, or even the right to be a complete idiot, especially because it might cut into our Wheel of Fortune watching time.

I know our country isn't perfect and that some civil liberty or other has been infringed upon at any given time, but we are practically guaranteeing that those rights we have a tenuous grip on now will be a thing of the past one day. An election is an election (primary, general or special) and they are all important and I know we are not required to vote, but why bother having an election if no one is going to show up. That’s like you saying “I can’t be bothered to vote. Why don’t you go ahead and appoint yourself dictator and decide stuff for me! You’re the Decider after all! Who better to make decisions about where I live than someone else?!”

But hey, at least we know the whereabouts and welfare of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at all times! And if I want to look up information about the candidates and ballot initiatives I like how easy it is! I mean look! It's right on the front page of CNN! Oh, wait no, it’s more Brangelina news! I wonder what color Shiloh Nouvel’s poop is today? My day won’t be complete until I know.

I guess we get the country we deserve. Somehow I thought we deserved a little better than what we’ve got right now.

I’m just saying.

So, how's your day?



At 16:59, Blogger Beth said...

Stupid Blogger! I tried to comment earlier but it was down...grrr.

Now, what I was going to say was that I always read people the riot act for not voting. Typically the excuse is one of two things - they either feel they don't know about the issues or they don't think their voting is going to make a difference. So basically people don't care enough about who is representing them to learn about the issues are to understand how their lives are affected by their representatives. It's frustrating as hell, but I guess the question is how do we get them to care? If anyone knows the answer I'd LOVE to hear it.

Just so you know too - I was thinking 34% seemed like a high number. I wish it was only 34% DIDN'T vote because I'm convinced us liberals would rule the world if we could just get people to the polls.

See, now you have me ranting - excellent topic!

At 17:03, Blogger Beth said...

Substitute "or" for "are" in the third sentence in the second paragraph and it makes much more sense.

At 22:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder,
Maybe the missing 66% of the California vote was comprised of illegal immigrants that were unable to register to vote (this time..)

I know, that's silly. It's based on "legal" registered voters right?

Registered voters...hmmm...There's always been a huge push to get potential voters to register (rock the vote..yada yada)
The rest is homework or to be researched on your own, unless you believe the mindless media crap on the boob tube.

I wonder if Brad and Joline are registered?

I know that I voted 3 times in a row to secure a school bond for our community, 3 times in a row it did not pass (almost split). 4th vote I passed on...the vote was passed and now we have a new school being built and increased taxes (yay..sigh).

Yet another good topic...Cheers!

(darts back into his dark corner)


At 22:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Whatever line to read "Brad and Angelina" (Bah)

At 04:44, Blogger Richard said...

I happen to be one who believes that voting is an obligation and should be mandatory - it is in many countries.

I also believe that every ballot should have a None Suitable option so we can cast a protest ballot instead of spoiling our ballot (which is illegal in some places. For example, up here in Canada, it is illegal to eat your ballot). You can get the edible ballot point of view here.

The counter argument would run that you have the freedom to vote or not to vote - unlike other non-freedom loving countries who do not respect their citizens right to not vote.

You are working on the false assumption that the people who did not vote actually would vote for change - I would counter argue that either they have no interest in change (i.e. are content with the current situation) or see no options they like.

Otherwise, my day is ok. Just wondering how I am going to plow through all the work I need to before the months end.

(and, yeah, blogger comments were down yesterday)


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