July 27, 2006

Hazards of Beach Living

Living at the beach normally means perfect summer nights with the windows open and the sound of the surf lulling us into peaceful slumber. Something about the heat is making everybody crazy aggro and it's starting to make me a little cranky!

We are going on the 3rd straight week of 150 degree weather. Every store west of the Mississipi had sold clean out of any kind of air moving device by the time we figured out that it was too hot to sleep. Meanwhile, our neighbors, the delightful and gorgeous people that they are, have managed to destroy any remaining shred of faith in humanity I might have had even a tenuous grip on. They have clearly unburdened themselves of any sense of self-awareness or courtesy for the rest of us hard-workin' folk. It's been impossible to sleep between the heat and the sounds of hot, irritable, drunk people and their excessively loud televisions.

The most effective way to deal with the idiots our fabulous neighbors, is by going out with friends and drinking. Or going to barbeques and coming back to our place for drinks. Or going out to concerts and drinking. Or going out to dinner followed by more drinking. Tonight? I went to a concert at the beach and saw the most beautiful sunset. There was actually no drinking tonight because we all need a day off from that once in a while. But, vodka and blackberry lemonade (my new favorite drink) does seem to improve my coping skills somehow. In fact, I think I'll go make one now. And then I'll take a walk on the beach with my Lov-ah!

All of this has severely affected my ability to get any work done. You know, bills to pay, notices to noisy neighbors to write and deliver, laundry, dishes, summer reading, catching up on tv shows I missed last season. It's all on the back, back, back burner.

Wait. This is a problem, how?

(By the way, can someone do a little dance to the cool weather gods for us? This is getting nuts.)



At 00:06, Blogger luckybuzz said...


Amazing. I must have one immediately.

At 16:31, Blogger Beth said...

Ooo, can you make me one too? Sounds yummy!

At 05:33, Anonymous Danielle said...

And then will you and your lov-ah feed each other spiced meats in the hotTUB?


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