July 16, 2006

Show and Tell, #3

I have been physically away from computers (and therefore, blogs) since Friday - we went away for a quick, quick trip to a big, beautiful house where we spent almost the entire time in the pool. I don't have many good photos from that because I was kind of having too much fun to think about taking pictures.

Anyway, more of you ask and I show picture blogging:

First, Richard of Forbidden Planet, which is also the name of an ahead-of-its-time motion picture in the 50s, asked me for a picture of my books. These are the books that are unpacked. Really not that impressive!

Second, Beth of My Two Cents (the rockingest cpa in all the land) asked for my favorite picture of me (of all time) which is impossible to choose but this was the first one I thought of 'cause it's just freaking adorable and groovy. I am the little one and the other two would be my parents:

And finally, Dylan of the award winning Something Requisitely Witty and Urbane, who needs to blog more but is working on a journalism degree and is going to thank me in his Pulitzer Prize acceptance speech, asked me for a picture of my three vices. Two are strong, strong crippling addictions and one is more of a weakness more than a vice:

Vice #1 - coffee
Vice #2 - cigarettes
Vice #3 - vases!



At 20:12, Blogger Beth said...

Excellent pics! And you are entirely too kind!

At 05:05, Anonymous Danielle said...

Your mom's glasses are the best! I love them!

At 05:51, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Your parents are way cooler than my parents.

At 15:06, Blogger Dylan said...

Vases! Well I never!

Thanks Ms. Q!

At 05:41, Blogger Serena said...

That pool looks lovely ; )

At 06:18, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Show and Tell rocks! As does Forbidden Planet. One of my favorite movies.


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