July 21, 2006

So many pet peeves, so little time

Blog neglect! Blog neglect! Call BPS (Blog Protection Services).

Is it maybe time for Whirled Peas Random Bullets of Crap News (WPRBoN or Whipperbon if you say it phonetically)? Oh, yes, I think it is.

  • Game Show News: I am a panelist for the second week at Mikey's famous Hey Freak! Edition of Match Game. Go play it now! And check back later to see what my answers were. Pet peeve: thinking of more clever answers after submitting them!

  • Spontaneously Impulsive Event for Thursday (and also the longest run-on sentences yet): Real life, actual friends (yes, I have them) invited me and the Meester to see Gnarls Barkley last night and we graciously accepted because we didn't have any plans yet that couldn't easily be changed. Review: The sound mix sort of sucked and the people in the audience sucked even more (Orange County, home of the most obnoxious concert goers ever! Don't they know that there are children in India who never get to go to Gnarls Barkley concerts and would it kill them to STFU and actually pay attention so that those around them can kind of sort of hear the concert instead of their loud drunken cackling?) but the band was really fun and entertaining and I am eagerly awaiting my copy of the CD to listen to compulsively and also, it is kind of a strange bonus that my teenage daughter was actually jealous of me doing something so hip and cool and so now and so wow. Pet Peeve: Loud, obnoxious people who pay money to attend a concert but spend the whole time talking and laughing with each other to the point where you can't hear the music anymore.

  • Sad news from the homefront: My grandma is in the hospital again. Boo. Pet Peeve: Old age and getting sick.

  • Even sadder news from the homefront and also the cause for my impending Nervous Breakdown: My son got orders to a middle eastern country that starts with an "Ir" and end with an "aq" and he is deploying some time within the next 8 weeks. Boo! I thought it was postponed indefinitely, which in my mind meant Forever, but apparently plans change. Also, the military leaders who made that decision suck big donkey balls. But only because I am taking it personally. Pet Peeve: Really, must I even explain this one?

I need lots of love and support and pictures of kittens to cheer me up, y'all. Have a good weekend, mkay? Do it for all those people in the world who aren't getting one.



At 12:38, Anonymous Betty said...

Eesh! I'm sorry to hear about the upcoming deployment. (((HIGS)))

At 12:38, Anonymous Betty said...

oops! I meant (((HUGS))

What the hell is a HIG?? heh.

At 13:45, Blogger luckybuzz said...

I'm sending higs, too. :)

At 14:13, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Yay!! HIGS for everyone!

Thanks, y'all! You're so sweet.

At 15:45, Blogger Beth said...

Big hugs, little higs, and everything in between! :)

At 04:51, Blogger J.J. said...

I hate deployments.
You can have all my higs today.

At 05:12, Anonymous Danielle said...

Deployment can suck it. Lots and lots of higs coming your way!!!

At 17:47, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

Oh no, so sorry to hear about your grandma and the deployment! :(

(*HIGS^^infinity* coming your way)


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