August 15, 2006


All Day I Dream About Macaroons.

When they operated on my nose, I am pretty sure they removed part of my brain, too. I'm at work (I won't even tell you about getting my sutures removed yesterday - sans anesthetic!) and doing fine. As fine as one can be with only part of a brain. Observe the weird obsession I've acquired:

The other night I had a dream about macaroons and I haven't been able to stop thinking about them. I don't know a place nearby that sells them so I might just have to make some. Except I don't really have the right equipment for macaroon making. Or the ingredients. I guess I'll have to dream smaller - like Pillsbury Sugar Cookies from the biscuit aisle at the store. They're not the same thing though.

Anyone know where I can get a good macaroon?

And don't say Paris, or I'll punch you in the face!



At 16:34, Blogger Craig said...

Mmm...macaroons. No idea where to get some, but yum!

Glad you're doing well enough to be at work.

At 17:18, Blogger Barbara said...

You can buy them at any chocolate specialty store. If not I am sure you can order them online and have them delievered to yourself. Enjoy!

At 17:34, Blogger luckybuzz said...

There's a bakery near me that has really good macaroons. I think. I mean, they have a thing they call macaroons, and they're really good, but I suspect that maybe macaroons are one of those things that differ in various parts of the country. Because what's in your picture there? Not macaroons, by the bakery-by-me's standards.

Weird. I WILL NOT do research on macaroons tonight. I WILL NOT. :)

At 17:35, Blogger luckybuzz said...

OK, just a little research. Macaroons do vary by location. Coconut macaroons are what I was thinking of. Yum. :)

At 20:08, Blogger Beth said...

Those don't look like any macaroons I've seen. I've only seen the coconut variety. Huh, apparently I need to get out more.

At 10:42, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Haha! Thanks Luckybuzz! Your research is going to pay dividends I can already tell.

I should have been more macaroon-specific! That's why I will dedicate my entire next post to Macaroon Education!

At 18:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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