August 21, 2006

Booger-free since 10:33!

The biggest news I have to report today is: I can breathe. For real! And I don't have any boogers!

Other than that, there is simply too much to write about. I am seriuosly scatter-brained and preoccupied. I don't know what's worse: not knowing what to write about or not knowing how to type!

This sharp redcution in typing abilities is a result of one or more of the following reasons:

  • I'm heartbroken that my daughter left Friday to go back up to Seattle for the school year; or

  • Bogie's party Saturday left me slightly brain-damaged, either because the food was mind-blowing, the vodka was plentiful or because we imbibed in something called Mandragora which was strangely Listerine-like but gave us a buzz like nothing else and is quite possibly poisonous; or

  • The crepes at La Gallete on Sunday morning were heavenly; or

  • I got too much sun on the beach Sunday afternoon; or

  • My husband had too many Irish car bombs at our friends' house last night which made me drunk through osmosis; or

  • The vicodin I took this morning for Round 3 of Evil Sadistic Torture at the Hands of my Mean, Nasty and Totally Incomprehensible Doctor has not worn off yet.

Who cares, really? I'm just happy to be breathing properly!



At 17:43, Blogger Beth said...

Yea for breathing! And yea for drunken fun!

At 21:36, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Congrats on the breathing! I, for one, think breathing kind of rocks.


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