August 4, 2006

But wait! It gets better!

I actually made it home last night. In a car that belongs to me! One car, no tow trucks!! What a novel concept! I was so happy about that. But, in my excitement over not breaking down, I forgot to go to the bank and deposit some cash and now..... drumroll, please....... I'm overdrawn!!! By $7. Yeesssss. That is AWESOME.

Has my week been trying enough? No way! Not even close!

This morning Pre-op visit #1 was at 8:45. I blazed out of bed at 8:05, out the door at 8:10 and pulled into the medical center parking lot RIGHT ON TIME! No coffee, no cigarette, no makeup, no deordorant. But I was pretty close to appointment time, so I was cool with all the forgetting of the morning hygiene and wake up ritual stuff. I walk into the building, press the elevator button, go in, press floor 6, walk down the hall, open the door to the doctor's office and............. no one is there! They sort of forgot to tell me the doctor is in his OTHER office on Friday mornings. DOUBLE AWESOME!

The funniest part about that is his other office is 10 minutes closer to my house than the office I went to! Hahahahaha. I'm so stoked right about now. And so wishing I had taken everyone's advice and just stayed in bed!

I get back in my car, race the other way down the freeway and casually waltz in around 9:15. The visit went well and my old skool doctor says there is nothing to worry about, just show up at surgery on Tuesday. My nose will look the same afterwards but I'll be able to breathe right. So, all in all, a very fruitful (but seemingly unnecessary) visit.

Pre-op visit #2 was right next door but I arrived an hour early for that. I figured I'd have to wait but, much to my surprise, they saw me early, took my information and the next thing I have to do is show up on Tuesday. I was a little freaked out about the Advance Directive though because when they ask for your Advance Directive it's only natural to think "OMG!! I am going to DIE in surgery! Or worse! I'll be a vegetable and then Congress will have to get involved and I don't want to be on TV without makeup on."

I'm now at work diligently getting caught up on my work - what? you can't tell? - to get ready for the big scary nose surgery on Tuesday and then home for the rest of the week. I'll either be too doped up to care about blogging or I'll be bored out of my mind and blogging every five minutes. It'll probably go something like this: "Waaah. My nose hurts." "Waaah. I don't feel good." "Waaah. Someone needs to bring me Ben & Jerry's." (Cherry Garcia is my favorite kind, by the way.)

I know my problems are small in the grand scheme of things, but I think I've filled my Hassle Quota for the week. Hope y'all have a great weekend. I'll write the Pre-op Freak Out Post on Monday. 'Til then, toodles!



At 18:35, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

Oh boy, what a week you've had! I will definitely be hoping for some painkiller-induced blogging next week. So, is this what they call a deviated septum? Man, if I was going under the knife, I'd be tempted to have them throw in a nose job while they're at it. I never thought I'd consider such a thing, but all the hubbub surrounding Ashley Simpson's new nose has had me thinkin' (but not seriously). ;) Best of luck on your surgery, and I wish you a speedy (and painless) recovery! Take care, and HAGW!

At 20:18, Blogger Barbara said...

My mom had the same surgery and it went very well. I know it is hard not to worry but it will be ok! Honest!

At 06:06, Blogger J.J. said...

oh no, oh no, oh no! I just ready everything about your, it's terrible!
I'll be sending you good vibes for next week.


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