August 29, 2006

I heart Mushrooms: a story about Friendship

Maybe it’s just because I feel Fall coming. Maybe it’s because I’ve just been having the best year ever since I extracted the stick from ass and actually taken the time to, I don’t know, get to know and care about people besides my own damn self. I am not sure what it is exactly, but once in a while something just makes me go gaga.

I am completely out of my mind right now – in a really good way! You know that feeling? Just completely kooky, deliriously silly, and totally giddy. It could be a new dish, like Montreal-spiced rib-eye steak grilled perfectly medium rare, or stuffed portabella mushrooms (most delicious thing ever). Sometimes it’s a new drink or activity, like learning to love Ale or how to drink an Irish Car Bomb (hint: very quickly!). Occasionally, perhaps, it’s simply friends who enjoy the same things you do, like watching the Princess Bride (Best. Movie. Ever.) and quoting it verbatim all the way through, or playing Operation like we were kids again.

You know you’ve found your new BFFs when you send them a link to your blog -- and they laugh. And then figure out ways to get mentioned!! (New names coming soon!) Plus, they confess that they have one too but make you guess where it is! Luckily, I have mad Googling skillz! But I won’t give them away. Not yet anyway.

You also know you've found your BBFFs when you all think a slumber party is the coolest idea yet! But you end up talking to each other until five in the morning. Then waking up a few hours later wondering if anybody delivers Spicy Bloody Marys for breakfast. And hanging out until well into the middle of the day until responsibility calls. And finding it hard to say goodbye.

Over the past month or so, I have learned so much about myself through the people I spend time with. (Yes, I am a quick study! I quickly evolve!) It’s not just a mutual admiration society that I want, although I certainly love that, too! I love being with people who ‘get’ me and what makes me tick, makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me go ‘hhmmmm’. I love being in awe of other people’s wit, charm, good looks, intelligence and sense of adventure. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with those qualities! (teehee.) I love to learn new things about life through the lens of other people’s experiences. I’ve always wanted that - I found it in my partner - but I've been woefully disappointed by the majority of people I meet in person.

I am truly a lucky woman. I’ve got a kick-ass husband, an awesome family and totally FUN, totally HOT, totally BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING friends, too. What more could a girl want?

Good times with good friends. An amazing partner to share it all with. The perfect weather, perfect place, perfect timing. Feels like kismet.

Here's to friends.



At 13:19, Blogger Greg said...

It is truly intoxicating to see life through your lens my sweet. Thank you for such a beautiful gift and for brightening the road to nirvana....

imagine all the people living for today.....



At 20:33, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

You've come a long way in the past several months (getting rid of your funk). Congrats! :)

At 21:32, Blogger Beth said...

It's nice to learn to appreciate the finer things in life, especially when you realize you already have them in your grasp. Cheers!

At 12:27, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

You rock Q. Never doubt it. Oh, and so do portabellas. Just not as hard.

At 08:11, Blogger luckybuzz said...

How awesome. :)


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