August 22, 2006

Ten things

Inspired by my favorite heathen, Whitters, here is a list of 10 statistically improbable things I've done (or things I've done that most people haven't):

1. Been bitten by 6 dogs. All at different times. All traumatic!
2. Had a baby in high school.
3. Dropped out of high school.
4. Got my tubes tied at age 22.
5. Gone to college. At age 34.
6. Flown an airplane.
7. Gotten arrested.
8. Been stalked.
9. Live 400 steps from the Pacific Ocean.
10. Owned and ridden a motorcycle as my only form of transport.

Dang, I'm special! Just like you! What 10 things have you done that are different than the rest of us?



At 09:29, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Wow--I haven't done any of those. And I LOVE THIS MEME! I'm going to do it later. :)

At 10:19, Blogger Craig said...

I can only hope that the story for #7 is forthcoming and that it's as interesting as it sounds. (not that #8 isn't also interesting)

At 11:21, Blogger Richard said...

1) Had my first and only girlfriend when I was 29
2) Eaten Guinea Pig
3) Never been drunk or otherwise intoxicated
4) Started walking at 10 months
5) My first word was "tso" (what) instead of "mama"
6) Don't swear or cuss (unless you count terms like "shoot", "sugar", and "what in blazes is going on?")
7) Was doing up astrological charts when I was 11 or 12
8) Been the only one to show up for class because everyone else had skipped.
9) Really, really hate "Hotel California"
10) Argued with my kindergarten teacher

At 20:20, Blogger Beth said...

1) Grew up on a farm
2) Had a cow take a dump on me
3) Helped to castrate a pig
4) Married at age 20
5) Divorced at age 22
6) Dropped out of college but stuck with it and eventually graduated at 27
7) Passed the CPA exam
8) Sang in front of over 20,000 people live and over 1 million via satellite
9) Lost 55 pounds (and gained it all back)
10) Marched on Washington

At 09:49, Anonymous mikey said...

10 things? OK, I'll give it a go.

1. Grew up in AK. Seen the northern lights, had the long days/long nights, that whole bit.

2. Played international futbol when I was 16 (played tournaments in Helsinki, Stockholm, and a little town in Denmark named Fredrikshavn (or something like that)). For the record, no, I wasn't a great player. I can admit that. I was good enough to go, though.

3. Accidentally stuck my hand in a bee hive. At that time, I had never previously been stung by a bee.

4. Once drank 9 full beers in 12 minutes. I puked once at the 3 beer mark, and one more time around the 7th or 8th beer.

5. Was once ticketed for urinating in public. It was like, a $150 fine.

6. Drove from Phx, AZ to Jax, FL by myself. Road trip! It was an easy drive, though... I just took I-10 the entire way.

7. Monuments visited - the Painted Desert, the Petrified Forest (both in AZ), and, of couse, the World's Tallest Thermometer.

8. Once gave my boxers to a stranger at a bar. Hey, it was for a bachelorette party. (it wasn't THAT fun of a night, though. later, someone else called me a "fucking chink" and told me that my kind wasn't wanted in that bar. nice, huh?)

9. Speaking of bullshit, I once had my ID checked against a listing of known terrorists. It must have been the thick accent, middle eastern clothes, and the muslim religious symbols I always wear. Oh, wait. I don't have an accent, I was wearing plain ol' shorts and a t-shirt, and I'm not religious at all. Go figure.

Can't close on a sour note, so...

10. Met Ron Jeremy. Attended the AVN Expo for 5 straight years. Hell, some of the stars actually recognize me, now.


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