August 16, 2006

The Macaroon Appreciation Society

Here is a recipe for the cookies that I'm craving! Martha Stewart Living Parisian Macaroons

I am seriously going to start a Macaroon Appreciation Society. My mission? To make sure that every man, woman and child experiences the sublimity that is Les Macarons!

I did grow up eating American-style coconut macaroons which are easily found on the Keebler aisle at your supermarket and they certainly hold a dear, dear place in my childhood memories. My Granny (my paternal great-grandmother) always had coconut macaroons on hand. However! Once I had a Parisian Macaroon, I completely blocked the old-fashioned American ones out of my mind. (My bad!) I will surely be sent to Guantanamo for treason now! I just hope they respect my Macaroon Wishes there. According to my new-found spiritual beliefs, I must have a diet consisting solely of authentic Parisian Macaroons.

Parisian Macaroons are little bite-size pastries that are very light and melt in your mouth and have an intense but delicate flavor. There is an indescribably good, light, creamy filling sandwiched beween two cookies. They usually come in a wide variety of flavors. I think they might have crack in them, too, because you cannot eat just one. They are quite expensive usually but they are orgasmically good. Quite simply, they are the perfect cookie and I am on the verge of selling a kidney so that I can fly to Paris and buy some at Ladure'e!

Thankfully, I can keep my kidney. I know there must be pastry shops in LA so I can make a trip up there and I understand from LuckyBuzz's top-notch research that they originated in Italy and that makes me happy, too, because my friend, the Hahvahd-edumacated Bogie, introduced me to a North End Boston bakery which will ship Italian-style Macaroons to me!! Mike's Pastry! I am so ordering a dozen (or two or three!).

It's been over a year since my last macaroon. Something must be done! Or I need a new obsession to make me forget this one.

C'est tout! A biento^t!



At 11:39, Blogger luckybuzz said...

OK, I'm sold. I need a real macaroon. Those sound amazing, and they look freaking adorable. :)

At 11:39, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Oh, and I'm still laughing at my "top-notch research" being wikipedia. :)

At 11:57, Blogger Ms. Q said...

What? Wikipedia is infallible, isn't it?! =P

At 14:08, Blogger Richard said...

Here I was labouring under the impression that macaroon's were those American chewyish coconut / chocolate cookie like things.

Now I see that they are a baked whipped egg white with filling.

I remember my mom making on occaision those types of cookies.

What is with the secure comments page?

At 14:18, Blogger Ms. Q said...

I don't know about the secure comment page issue. I just moved to Blogger Beta which has new fancy doohickeys but I haven't had time to figure them all out yet. Stand by for tweaks.

At 16:01, Blogger Beth said...

Alright, you have piqued my interest. I'm going to have to find a French bakery in StL. I may have to fall back on an Italian bakery though.

At 21:11, Blogger luckybuzz said...

D'oh! You have Blogger Beta already! I'm waiting WAY too impatiently for it, because I am a D-O-R-K. Is it wonderful? Is it as wonderful as macaroons?


At 08:48, Blogger Ms. Q said...

I haven't had much time to explore Blogger Beta. I took a look at the template layout and it looks pretty cool, but I couldn't get it to work with my current skin right now. I'll have to keep experimenting.

You'll get it soon!

At 20:37, Blogger Barbara said...

Just stopping by to see how you are doing. :)

At 15:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should put those pictures up that you took on thursday (dinner) or at least put them up on flickr cuz i want to put them on my myspace

love you


At 12:55, Blogger Philip said...

If you haven't had one in a year, how much of an obsession could it be?


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