August 7, 2006

Official Whirled Peas Freak Out

Here we go. I have less than 24 hours to go until they break my face tomorrow morning. The deviated septum? It's not so bad. I've lived with it this long. So what if my nose whistles when I breathe? It's not the worst thing I can imagine! I think I can still chicken out. But first, I should create the old pro/con list. This is a medical procedure but as far as I know it's still elective.

I'll be able to breathe right
I won't snore as much
My nose will look a little straighter
I'll get to eat ice cream and sleep for 3 days after surgery

Imaginary Pros:
I will look even more beautiful (as if that is even possible!! HA!)
I won't have trouble trimming my nose hairs on one side that is much narrower than the other (as if that will ever be necessary! My nose hairs are never noticeable at all!)

General anesthesia
Packing and splints in my nostrils for several days (as Craig described it: Tampons in my nose! Thanks Craig!)
Narcotics - I'm not a big fan of being heavily medicated. Anything stronger than vodka freaks me out a little.

Imaginary Cons:
My nose will come out looking like WC Fields' nose or worse, Michael Jackson's nose, even though they aren't supposed to change anything AT ALL cosmetically.
I could DIE!!! during surgery and that's why I had to fill out an Advance Directive.
It won't make a bit of difference and I'll go through all the pain but still not be able to breathe normally.
I will be bored at home during recovery.
No one will come visit me at home.
No one will bring me Ben & Jerry's at home.

Well, well. It appears that my Pro list is waaaay shorter than my Con list. The only question is, do the pros OUTWEIGH the cons. I can't really tell. Oh no. I'm skeered.

Hold me.



At 17:40, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Sorry you're freaked out. I'm sure it'll all be fine, and I'd put money on Mr. Q bringing you Ben & Jerry's.

At 17:49, Blogger Craig said...

I'd offer to bring you Ben & Jerry's but it would be really melted by the time I got there.

If things I say freak you out, ignore them. I only say things like tampons in your nose to try to get you to laugh. (Now I feel guilty)

At 17:56, Blogger Richard said...

ms. q wrote this imaginary concern: It won't make a bit of difference and I'll go through all the pain but still not be able to breathe normally.

Actually, it could be a real concern. Not having studied your nose in great detail, I still offer my comments: have you tried using a nasal dilating strip called Breath Rite? At least it would let you know if fixing it might offer some help.

Normally I would recommend trying non-surgical things first.

I don't think you'd be as cute with a W.C. Fields nose.

So ... are you gonna post lost of gory pictures?

At 17:58, Blogger Stephen Cree said...

Sorry my posting about septoplasty caused you to worry. If it's of any consolation, it is 4 days after my op and my nose feels fine now, if not a little scabby inside the nostrils. The tampon extraction lasts just seconds and I probably exagerated the discomfort because I'm a bit of a wimp.
Good luck and enjoy the Ben & Jerry's


At 18:31, Blogger Beth said...

Another Pro that you forgot is that you'll be able to sleep much better and won't feel as tired. You'll be fine, I promise. Take it easy, and enjoy your Cherry Garcia!

At 06:11, Blogger Serena said...

You can do it!

At 07:30, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

Not sure if you'll get this before you leave this morning, but best of luck with your surgery! I'll keep you in my thoughts, and look forward to hearing more from you later in the week. (Plus must post photos! hee)

Take care!

At 12:10, Blogger Ty said...

Good Luck! Enjoy the pain meds! (Even though you said you don't like taking them...) :)

At 21:39, Blogger Barbara said...

When my mom had the surgery they didn't even pack her nose.

At 07:58, Blogger Snidget said...

I'll be thinking of you! Good thoughts to Mrs. Q

At 10:36, Blogger Dafina Girl said...

I say, go for beauty and two days of ice cream. when will those words ever go together again?


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