August 31, 2006

Random Bullets of Crap

Due to a severe case of brain-deadedness, here's a quick list of, uh, stuff.

  • Need a new blog skin. Anyone want to make me one? I can't afford much, but we could work something out! It's almost Whirled Peas's birthday - templates make great gifts!

  • I haven't watched TV in weeks, have I missed anything?

  • Speaking of smelling, my nose is pretty much fully functional again. A little numb, but it connects to my olfactory sensory neurons appropriately! Occasionally, that's not such a good thing but sometimes it's the best thing ever.

  • Did I tell you I kicked the Starbucks habit? I did. I rarely ever go there now. So, I save a bundle of money, drink much better coffee (usually at home) and am finally free of the monkey on my back that was Marble Mocha Macchiatos.

  • In other beverage-related news, I am now a big, old booze hound. Ha! Not really, but I am really liking beer. Good beer, that is. I was a coffee snob, now I'm a beer snob. My heart still belongs to martinis though. Give me a good Cosmopolitan or dirty martini and I'm yours!

  • Eh, that's it. I can't possibly muster another bullet of random crap right now. You'll just have to deal with it. I know you can.

I'm off to save the world, one expense report at a time. *mwah*



At 15:16, Blogger Richard said...

Season 2 of the new Doctor Who series will be starting in about a month (at least in Canada).


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