August 1, 2006

STICKY: Calling all Local Lush Addicts

You may know that I live somewhere in the vicinity of southern California but you probably don't know that I have a nascent addiction to Lush. And, tragically, I am on the verge of a Stage 3 Lush Emergency.

Open the post for the deets.

Since I, sadly, do not have unlimited funds to order Lush online and take a chance on products I don't know yet, I am planning to make a trip to the Santa Monica Universal City Walk store sometime in August. That way I can buy the products that I absolutely cannot live without and stock up for fall.

I know lots of you are also Lush addicts and some of you even live nearby so I am proposing a Lush Meet-up at the Santa Monica Universal City Walk store or perhaps the Beverly Hills store. [update: Santa Monica is closed for remodeling] I am thinking about Saturday, August 19th but that could change depending on lots of things. We welcome Lush Curious people, too. If you've been afraid to take the Lush plunge, this would also be a good way to check them out. Fair warning: you cannot escape the siren call of Lush once you've been exposed.

We could meet at the store and then have a coffee or lunch date after. Or we could go later in the afternoon and go out for martinis after. It would be a great way to stock up on (or get introduced to) Lush and meet some fellow bloggers.

Rules and restrictions may apply. No purchase necessary to attend. You need not be a current Lush addict to attend. Whirled Peas cannot be held responsible for any future addictions to Lush that you may develop. This is not sponsored in any way by Lush. Blogger does not guarantee that you will find her nearly as cute, witty or amusing in real life. Stalkers and freaks permitted on a case-by-case basis with prior authorization.

Email me (ms dot quilty at gmail dot com) or leave a comment. Tell your friends. I'll announce the details at a later date (when at least one person has responded - *ahem* Lori *ahem*).

Sooo? What say you? First Annual SoCal BloggerMeetupLushShoppingTrip 2006. Who's in?



At 10:51, Blogger Miahart said...

this site could be dangerous...! i am in for a socal blogger meet up.

At 05:32, Anonymous Danielle said...

Oh, no fair! I suggest you all get on a plane and fly to the Washington DC or New York City area instead.

*pouts and orders Butterball bombs and Rock Star soaps online to ease the pain*

At 13:27, Blogger Karl said...

Duh, now I know who you are. Silly me...I have such a hard time with names. too bad you weren't doing this get together sooner. Ack, I'm already IN California. But not for much longer.

At 14:56, Blogger Beth said...

If I lived anywhere within a 500-mile radius I'd SO be there. Alas, the distance between you and I is too great. So sad. I just may have to make a visit to my local Sephora to make up for it - you know, since there is no Lush in StL (although there is one in Chicago...hmm, I'll have to check it out next time I'm up there)!

At 18:50, Blogger Diva said...

um, i think i have become addicted just by visiting their website!

At 07:44, Anonymous lori said...

I'm in! I'm in! I'm in!

I will be back in CA on August 1st, so pick anytime after that and I will book around it!

Yea! I finally get to meet Ms. Q AND we get to buy Lush stuff. What a great (smelling) combination!

At 05:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Ms. Q! I found you via Lori's blog and wanted to tell you that there is going to be a special party at the new Universal City Walk Lush on August 12. I quote from the manager, "On Saturday, August 12, LUSH Universal CityWalk will be having it's GRAND OPENING PARTY! We will be giving out a limited edition product ( made especially for the event and never to be made again !!) The only way that you will get your hands on this special item is if you do two things . One - drop us a line either by phone or email ( 818-487-9800 or AND Two - Get wigged out - come dressed in all black and wear a funky WIG !! The crazier the better. We are gonna have refreshments and high energy good times !!"

I want SO MUCH to go to this party! That limited edition item would probably fetch quite a bit on the Lush Black market later.


(Anyone up for procuring me one?)



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