August 12, 2006

While I'm waiting...

While I'm waiting to... smile again, laugh, sniffle, snort, breathe, and blow, here's a kitten picture show:
The first step is admitting you've got a problem.
"My problem is I don't like all these ice cubes in my cranberry & vodka."

Pooka and Pi make out. Or wrestle, I can't tell which.

(Bonus points to anyone who can name the movie that's on the tele.)

"There's something on your face. Here let me get it off."



At 13:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Long time no comment! Sorry to hear about your nose woes, but glad you're on the mend!
I'm surviving pre-menopausal pregnancy, I guess. Still nauseous most of the time, but I'm entering 2nd trimester, so all the books say it should stop soon. Let's hope so!
Just wanted to say hi after such a long blogworld absence! Take care!
LJ "mooalex"
P.S. Cute kitties!

At 17:16, Blogger Dafina Girl said...

You can do it! In the name of beauty and breathing clearly!

At 18:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cerwin Vega's. What's not to love about that?! What kind are the smaller speakers?

At 18:33, Blogger Ms. Q said...

cerwin vegas. who wants to know? are you going to steal them? we have vicious trained attack cats on the premises, so don't go getting any wild ideas!

At 19:01, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

You really caught all the action. Now, what's the movie? It's driving me crazy.

At 19:58, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

So, I'm long did it take your Pi to get comfortable with Pooka? I'm trying to integrate my new kitties with my Pi (and Tiki), but so far the elder cats are pretty stressed (thankfully the kittens are oblivious to it, except for noticing the hissing and posturing ;).

It looks like Pi and Pooka are getting along very well! :)

At 21:37, Blogger Beth said...

It looks like the cats are getting along well - they haven't killed each other yet which is always a good sign.

For some reason one side of my brain says to guess Starship Troopers as the movie, but the other side of my brain says I couldn't be more wrong. Please, tell me which side of my brain is correct before they split up and never see each other again!

At 06:55, Blogger Ty said...

oh kitten pictures!! Yay!

Do you wind up with tufts of fur all over your apartment?? I have little black tufts of fur everywhere after my cats wrestle...

I think the movie is Demolitian Man...???

At 19:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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