September 1, 2006

happy friday

I got nothing, people. It's September 1st. It's Friday. I'm hating life at work right now (because work is boring and stupid). Life outside of work couldn't be much better, but work is strictly for suckers!

But you really didn't need me to tell you that, did you? It all goes without saying.


Have a happy, happy holiday weekend (for all you Yanks) and just a happy weekend for my many, many (millions of) international friends! My blog is very cosmopolitan that way. It sees parts of the world that I haven't yet. Lucky blog.

It's also pleasantly unshackled from any sense of Victorian propriety and dignity and therefore wants to make out with your blogs, too. All of them.

...hugs, kisses, nibbles and licks...



At 17:45, Blogger Beth said...

Your blog can make out with my blog anytime, baby. Someone at my place should be getting some action, and if I can't then I'll pimp out my blog!

At 15:22, Blogger luckybuzz said...

My blog will take your blog up on that offer, though my blog is a little shy and might need a drink first. :)


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