September 11, 2006

Quick show of hands

Ok, tell me, how many of you are sick of hearing about my fabulous weekends? That's what I thought. All 5 of my readers - making it unanimous! Fine. Put your freakin' hands down. No more weekend talk.

Except I have to tell you that my weekend was special. All two food groups were well-represented: seafood and alcohol. Friday I had cosmos, sake and beer with sushi. Saturday, well, I don't remember a lot about Saturday except for beer and crab legs. YUMMM-AY! Oh, and there were friends, too.

Now, the weekend talk moratorium is in effect until further notice. I will report back to you if I have a crappy weekend. Otherwise, you should assume that it was fun-filled and fabulous to the core.

Speaking of food groups, my friend Craig, aka the Fount, and I were talking about food that we can't eat anymore because the last time we did, we got sick.

If you cannot handle discussions about regurgitations, please exit the blog now! I know I've lost 95 readers due to my endless yammering about boogers last month. I must have a strong desire to lose the other 5 of you still hanging out. I digress.

Legal disclaimer: I am not in any way blaming or holding these foods and/or their manufacturers responsible and I am not trying to slander libel defame their fine brands. These are simply foods I can't eat anymore.

For example, Craig says can't eat Hamburger Helper and I can't eat Pizza Hut. Once time, I just scarfed down a few pieces of delivery pizza and promptly got a stomach virus or food poisoning or some other ailment that resulted in hours of projectile vomiting followed by the dry heaves for about 3 days. Since 2000, I cannot eat anything from Pizza Hut. Just driving by one makes me kind of queasy. It's probably not even their fault. It's just one of those unfortunate coincidences. Sorry Pizza Hut.

Other foods I cannot eat due to their association with barfing: Little Debby Nutty Bars. Since 1981. Disasterous Junior High lunch. Too bad, too, because I really loved Nutty Bars.

Broccoli and Cheese casserole that my mom used to make: Since 1983 or so. Not too bad, because I really didn't like it to begin with.

And for about 10 years, I could not eat chicken of any kind due to a really, really bad experience on New Year's Eve 1992 involving copious amounts of tequila and grilled chicken. I still don't like chicken very much but I've mostly gotten over that. Tequila is my least favorite libation and I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER drink shots of Jose Cuervo as long as I live. So help me d0g.

I think that's really it. I think everyone has at least one food they cannot eat. Do you have one (or more)? Do tell!



At 20:07, Blogger Beth said...

I'm fine with Pizza Hut but I can't handle Papa Johns - ugh! And I haven't had a White Russian since a night during the summer of 1999 when I got sick after drinking about 15 of them. The aftermath of that night still lives on today!

At 04:26, Blogger Craig said...

All right, I got called a friend and inspired a post about vomiting all at the same time!

Another one for me, from back when I was in high school: Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli. Granted, I don't think I'd want to eat it now anyway, but I just can't.

At 06:34, Blogger Ty said...

Sadly, chocolate covered strawberries. When I was in third grade, I had the flu or something, and was home sick over Valentine's Day. My mom, who was totally on a candy-making kick at the time, decided to make me chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's Day. I promptly threw them up, and have never been able to eat them since. So that's 19 years...

I ALMOST wasn't able to eat sushi anymore after I got food poisoning from Supermarket Sushi (and the store even had a 99 on their health inspection!!--I checked cause I wanted to eat the sushi!! :) ). I puked for 9 hours straight. From 1am to 10am. But I decided it was only supermarket sushi that was the problem, and convinced myself of that because I SO wanted to be able to eat sushi again. So now I am cool, but I won't ever eat sushi from the supermarket again...

At 09:03, Anonymous mikey said...

Aw. I don't mind the long weekend posts. I usually don't have a comment, but I like to read 'em.

At 10:14, Blogger Niki said...

Oh yes, tequila shots are the only thing that comes to mind that are on my never-to-be-ingested-again list! OMG, the tequila hangover of '88 will forever haunt me; in fact, even the smell of tequila is enough to make me nauseous! Nope, never again, never ever EVER!

At 13:41, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Hey, I got food poisoning from supermarket sushi too! (Though I tend to get psychic food poisoning, and it might have been that. No, I'm not going to explain that. Yes, I'm from California.) Couldn't eat sushi for quite a while after that.

I think I can't drink my beloved box o' wine anymore for similar reasons. (And I'm glad you had another good weekend...and I want to keep hearing about them!)

At 16:20, Blogger Richard said...

I will pretty eat pretty much anything.

If I get food poisoning, I will avoid the food until I get over the poisoning. If I repeatedly get poisoned, I will avoid the place that sells said food (a particular Chinese buffer in town is on my black list).


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