September 21, 2006

This is not a post

This is a test of the emergency blogpost system. If this had been an actual post you would have been instructed to get me some Advil or some Midol or Percocet or something. Please do not panic. The administrator of this blog has cramps. Regular posting will resume in 1 day or sooner contingent upon the resumption of higher brain function or reasonable facsimile thereof.

Please move along. Nothing to see here.




At 10:37, Blogger Craig said...

So, if it's not really a post, am I allowed to laugh? Can I at least be amused/afraid that you think "I have cramps" will need its very own category?

At 11:25, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Aw, poor Ms. Q. I have Vicodin here, but that doesn't do you much good. In my professional opinion (I get Cramps From Hell), I recommend a Long Island Iced Tea. Or two.

At 11:32, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Craig, I predict that approximately once per month I can use the "I have cramps category". At least until I have to add the "I have hotflashes" category and let's hope that isn't for another 15 years or so!

Luckybuzz, you are so sweet. LIIT's make me vomit, but I will gladly drink a cosmo or something!

At 13:42, Blogger Craig said...

Well, I did think about making a joke about not needing the cramps category for much longer, but I decided age jokes were probably a bad idea.

At 14:24, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Very wise, Craig! Very wise.

At 05:45, Blogger Chris said...

Heh. Feel better ;-)


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