September 5, 2006

The weekend in 50 words or less*

Girlfriends, martinis, beachfront dining. Misbehaving husbands. Oversleeping, spinach/feta cheese scrambled eggs. Pirate party. Operation Happy Hour, car bombs!, roll in the hay. More oversleeping, bra shopping with Fancy Pants**, giggling, making an Englishman blush***, roasted chicken breasts, Bogie’s vacation slide show, steamy chats, making sweet love, Cocoa Pebbles, sleep.


*not including foot notes.

**Fancy Pants is her, my dazzling sister-in-law

***Oliver Brave was the Englishman who happened to phone me while I was shopping for knickers. And like the idiot that I am, I told him what I was doing which quite possibly made him blush. I know it did me. * blush * He has a dreamy accent and he is just as nice on the phone as he is online. If you missed out on Oliver Brave, well, I am sorry for you!

Hope your weekend was excellent!



At 12:06, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Sounds like *another* fabulous weekend! :)

At 06:03, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Sounds great to me! Of course it also seems like you need some built in recovery time!!

At 09:37, Anonymous Oliver Brave said...

Hey, "you had me blushing at hello"!

WP is extremely cool - campaign for more frequent posts from her. Perhaps we can offset some of the bollocks in other parts of the Blogosphere!

It was great catching up with you, anyway. Talk soon.


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