September 25, 2006

Weekend Update!

Disclaimer of sorts: You may or may not be aware that I am having a revival of the youth I missed out on, so before anyone sends me hate-mail for being so decadent and hedonistic, I just feel the need to throw a caveat out there. I was responsible and extraordinarily well-behaved for my first 37.5 years on this planet, so I am unapologetically enjoying the fun while I can! I am more modest than you might think, so I don't want you to think I'm all bragging and feeling entitled to all of this extravagance! It's rare and it's a treat and I feel really lucky.

Without further ado...

Saturday morning, me and my Lovely Husband (aka, Mr. Q, aka, Hotness) went out of town to celebrate a birthday. I am not sure I can adequately explain my boyfriend, Mr. O, and my girlfriend, Molly, but it's probably not what you think! Well, it could be! But I doubt it. Anyway, today is Mr. O's birthday so I going to shout out a Happy Birthday to him here. And then we'll make out hopefully!

Anyhoo, we had another spectacular weekend. Exclamation point. There was shopping, manicures, pedicures, dressing up and fancy dinner followed by... a good night's sleep, or something, and then breakfast. It was good.

Despite the fact that I am sorely short on words, knowing me as well as I do, I know that I will still find a way to talk endlessly about it here. Some highlights:

Shopping spree: including the purchase of 1 pair of Audrey Pants (which I could dedicate a whole post to, but that'll be tomorrow maybe), 1 slinky black cocktail dress and strappy heels. It was kind of like a Pretty Woman thing but without all that pesky prostitution to deal with.

Mani/Pedi: my first pedicure. Soooo fun and sooooooo pretty. Me and Molly went to get our nails done while the fellas grabbed a beer and watched a game.

Dress up: fancy dresses and suits! It was like prom but without all that acne and angst. We were smokin' hot! And tres fab, if I do say so myself.

Drinks: atop the San Diego Marriot above Petco Park. We drank yummy drinks and watched the sunset and the Padres game.

Dinner: At a fancy place - seafood and drinks and a fabulous waiter named Justin. If there was a website called Waiter Rave (as opposed to Waiter Rant) Justin would surely tell you what a lovely, delightful, and um, interesting table we were. So classy and sophisticated. And hardly drunk at all. (For the record, I was not drunk at all.)

The rest you'll just have to use your 'magination. We are married couples so it's not like it's anything shocking - just your typical married couple stuff. You know, we played cards and braided each other's hair and talked about the weather all night. Why? What did you do this weekend?
So, for whatever it's worth, Happy Birthday, Mr. O. We heart you!

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At 16:09, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Sounds super fun--and I agree, you totally deserve your belated adolescence! :) (And happy birthday to Mr. O!)

At 09:53, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Hrm...I suspect there's something you're not telling us! But it sounds wonderful all the same!

At 21:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am with you Rude Cactus. I want to know more about the "typical married couple stuff"! Come on girl! This enguiring mind wants to know.



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