October 18, 2006

I'm a Peach

This is quite accurate, I think. I saw this somewhere yesterday, maybe B*, and again today at Luckybuzz

Click the link to read all about it. In a nutshell, I'm lovable. But you knew that already!!

I have a big post coming later today. It's not written yet but it is sure to win a Bloggy or something. Have they added Blogging to the Pulitzers yet?

Until later, go forth, prosper and love each other! That's what I'm doing.




At 13:47, Blogger Ty said...

I got the same thing! We're so lovable! ;-)

At 09:59, Blogger Erratic Prophet said...

I got The Wild Rose (Random Brutal Love Dreamer). I'm brutal?

Other than that, the results are scarily accurate.

At 10:25, Blogger Richard said...

I took this last year my results were:

The Manchild
Random Brutal Love Dreamer (RBLDm)

Hopeful. Awkward. Soft-headed. Fire intrigues you. You are The Manchild.

Okay, Manchildren have some good qualities. They can be unpredictable, brash, magnetic--and therefore highly charismatic. Particularly, you're passionate and are often a hell of a lot of fun.

Your exact opposite:
The Bachelor
Deliberate Gentle Sex Master

But we'd like you to consider not using OkCupid. You can be unthinking and hurtful, and we think you LIKE seeing bad things happen. You've had a moderate number of relationships, but broken a disproportionate number of hearts. In total, you mean well, but don't really have it together.

It's up to you, of course, whether to continue dating. There are plenty of women out there who do deserve you. But you've heard our advice.

If you stay...
ALWAYS AVOID: The Dirty Little Secret

CONSIDER: The Sudden Departure.

I am a little perturbed at the 'Brutal' descriptor - on the other hand, I do say what I think.


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