October 23, 2006

Post #251: How Awesome Am I?

It's just another manic Monday and I have been asked, nay told, to blog about how awesome I am. You know, as a form of motivation and encouragement. It's a mighty fine idea. But it is also a lot like saying "blog about what it's like to be a rocket scientist". I know very little about either topic. But, whatever, I'll try. I've lied before, I can do it again.

I am not in a narrative mood so you're getting a list. Deal with it.

Did I mention that I quit smoking? I am quitting, I should say. This is day 1. Therefore, if I seem a little basket-case-y, it's because this is harder than that time I quit heroin.

20 ways that I am awesome...

(Disclaimer: Before you send me a comment or email that says "X isn't awesome", just remember that Awesomeness is in the eye of the beholder.)

  • I can figure out wrought iron puzzles.

  • I know how to make people smile.
  • I know how to make me smile. Usually.
  • I raised two awesome kids who got 23 of their chromosomes from me.
  • I have a cute butt.
  • I have the bestest husband in the whole wide world. (& he LOVES me, too)
  • I have two adorable and very sweet kittehs.
  • I am reasonably intelligent and I do well in school.
  • I make a mean macaroni & cheese.
  • I have a really cute boyfriend who thinks I'm keen. Maybe not.
  • I can do many difficult things. Like read my bosses' minds.
  • I can talk about a lot of different things.
  • I am a good dancer (and good in the sack, too! Or so I'm told.)
  • I have nice handwriting and I can do other talented things with my hands.
  • I can't believe you are still reading this list.
  • I had no idea that you were so bored/curious/retarded.
  • I hope that if you read this far, you will just make something up about me.
  • I would like it in the comments. Also, tell me how you are awesome.
  • I hope you don't tell anyone that this is a phony list.
  • I also hope that you think you are awesome. Everyone is - in their own way!

So, wish me luck in getting through the next few days. If I manage to not go homicidal, then everything will be great. This is actually easier than I thought. In fact, I know weaker people than me who have successfully quit, so really this should be a piece of cake. Woohoo. I'm awesome!




At 15:25, Blogger thingertu said...

congrats on the whole smoking thing. it's tough, but i noticed that after a few days i hardly even remembered doing it. it's weird like that.

and your list? you forgot a huge one. you have excellent taste in music. (and friends too, for that matter.)

At 16:47, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

No one could doubt your awesomeness. Good luck quitting. I've done it and I'm still alive and sane.

At 17:32, Blogger Beth said...

It's hard to quit smoking but you can do it because you are awesome. And I'm awesome for having quit too!

At 10:49, Anonymous Teresa said...

You are awesome because you can form the plural possessive of the word "boss" correctly.

Sorry. I'm a grammar geek.


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