November 5, 2006

Best. Pickup Line. Ever.

Said to Miss Molly on Friday at our girls' night out:

"I want to buy you breakfast and take you shopping at TJ Maxx."

Even after a dozen beers and 6 Scooby snacks, that still was not a tempting offer. Hard to believe, huh?




At 19:34, Blogger luckybuzz said...

I have no idea how anyone could resist that line. I certainly couldn't.

At 04:15, Blogger Craig said...

She said no? But it was TJ Maxx!!! What type of expectations do you women have these days? Sears? J.C. Penney? Buncha gold diggers.

At 05:50, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

That's genius! And such restraint! Most people couldn't deny the pull of the Maxx.


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