November 15, 2006

happy freakin' birthday

What is better than walking into your office to this1 (click to embiggen):

and getting cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting 1, and a Starbucks card2, and a back rub last night, and a bunch of awesome pens & pencils and books and journals3, and having a crab leg feast and getting flowers at work3 and going out to dinner and pigging out on Italian food with your family and getting money and beautiful clothes2 and a new iPod3? And going out tonight with our BFFs4 for dinner and cocktails and total drunkeness and quite possibly nekkidness? Oh yeah, and going to the Grand Canyon on Friday where we shall hopefully see the Leonid meteor shower?

Damn! Not much! (Although, comments are gladly accepted!) (And cash, too!)

Special special thanks to:
1 co-worker extraordinaire and talented artist, Bob
2 sister-in-law and all-around chica caliente,FancyPants
3 Who else, but the hottest husband in all the land? Mr. Q
4 BFFs are Hot Molly and the teh Rakish Mr. O. (who, so thoughtfully, pointed out that I am 266 in dog years!)



At 13:49, Blogger Richard said...

Happy birthday!

It is always wonderful to be remembered - even better if you didn't have to keep reminding people.

No doubt you will have lots of fun and forget to which way to blog for a while.

At 14:50, Blogger luckybuzz said...


Glad you're having a good one. And oh, I *heart* the Leonids most of all the meteor showers. Sigh. Have (more) fun!

At 17:21, Blogger Beth said...

Happy birthday! I want what you got for my birthday too!

At 04:43, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

Eeek! Happy late b-day!! (Sorry I'm late.) Your day sounds wonderful! Happy Birthday, Q!!

At 08:43, Anonymous mikey said...

Crap, I missed it?

Happy Belated Birthday!

At 09:49, Blogger thingertu said...

happy birthday, dear. i hope it was great for you, and i wish you many more to come.

At 06:36, Blogger Ty said...

Happy Birthday day!! :)

At 06:01, Blogger Chris said...


At 13:19, Anonymous Danielle said...



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