November 5, 2006

Live Blogging Sunday

The scene: back deck of the O's country home.

The players: Me, Mr.Q (Greg), Molly & Mr. O

The action: We just had our first car bomb, our homemade brew is boiling, I just opened an IPA, the guacamole is turning slightly brown, the sun is in my eyes, the laughter is loud, and we just went to the feed store to buy alfalfa for the goats. I swear.

The plans: Trivia Pursuit 80's Edition, lasagna for dinner, finish brewing the homemade Christmas Ale. And then... who knows. All I know is that it is NOT Monday yet, so I am savoring each minute.

More updates to come...





At 04:18, Blogger Craig said...

Because I'm a nerd I have to ask: Was is the Trivial Pursuit 80's edition that came out in the early 90's or was it the new "Totally 80's" edition?

Because it has snowed here at least three times already this Fall, I have to say: I hate that you are able to sit there wearing shirts without sleeves. It's November.

At 06:58, Blogger Ms. Q said...

Craig, it was the Totally 80's edition, which is better than the first 80s edition. I think.

At 09:00, Blogger Craig said...

Having played both of them (cause I am that nerd), I would have to agree with you and go with the Totally 80's.


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