November 29, 2006

A moment of silence

For my laptop. It's in critical condition. Being transported to the nearest notebook trauma center, as we speak. It is unresponsive and has no pulse.

That's TWO, count 'em 2, electronic devices I've killed in one month!!

Earlier this month, my adorable little red camera broke and I cried. (We did replace the red one with a black one though and it is sweet!)

Now, my beautiful laptop is broken and on its way to the laptop hospital. And I shed a small tear when I got the news this morning.

I am thinking maybe it's a sign. Me + Electronics = Disaster.

The REAL tragedy of this (besides the fact nothing was backed up on my laptop) is that I have finals in 2 weeks (hello? study questions! on the laptop!!!), a paper due, apartment manager work to do, vacation photos to show, and a huge library of music that hasn't even gotten onto my iPod yet.

I am really, really bummed. Mostly about the school work. I know I can write papers at work but I don't like to. I also know I can live without photos and music for a few weeks. And I can fake the work records for a while. But, day-um.

Also, let this be a lesson to you: Back your stuff up!!!! I repeat: BACK YOUR STUFF UP!!! Otherwise, you have to pay Geek Squad $99 to do it for you. (Especially, since your computer geek friend is MIA and totally not returning your messages.)

Anyway, I am wondering if I should even be carrying my iPod around. I can't afford to lose or break that too. Gah. Whatever. I know it could be worse!! I just want my computer back. waaahhhh.

/whine of the day

This whine has been brought to you by the letters Boo and Hoo.



At 03:41, Blogger Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Sad day. :( Hope your laptop recovers.

At 15:47, Blogger five successes said...

Hmmm ... your blog has become amazingly spartan.

Nobocy ever backs up enough. I tend to make multiple backups whenever I do backup.

I am more concerned about losing digial photos. I still keep them on the memory card - as the price keeps dropping, I just buy a new one. Figure how many shots you can get on a roll of film (24) and how many you can get on a 1GB memory card (lots). Comparin gthe cost of buying film, buying memory cards is way cheaper.

Hope you manage to recover your data.


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