November 1, 2006

November Spawned a Monster

A blog is a place where you can be a little bit different than you are in 'real' life, right? In real life, I am extremely fairly dull and boring. I can't make a joke to save my life. I never ask for anything (much). And I don't expect a lot of attention. I am mostly happy to sit unnoticed for days and days in my cubicle. (OK, that last part is a total lie.)

I have learned how to be a little more narcissistic here and it's pretty fun, I must say. I can totally talk about myself and pretend like I am really important!! So cool. That's why you come here anyway. To read all about ME and learn about all the fascinating parts of ME!

This is my ME place. Where I can be as self-involved and self-centered as I want to be without fear of reprisal and talk about my train-wrecks and my happy times. Oh, how I do love talking about me.

OK, now that we've settled that, guess what amazing thing will occur in two weeks? Go on, guess!

  • The date is November 15th.
  • The event to be celebrated that day was life-changing for at least 3 people.
  • You can also celebrate this "blessed" event by giving gifts. (Hint: I really like Lush products.)

Give up?

It's my birthday!! Duh.

I don't actually care about gifts but I do like getting attention and love on my birthday. Since my birthday falls between two very busy weekends, I don't even know what I'm going to do to celebrate. But I have two weeks to think about it!! And be demanding about it!! Because I had soooo much to do with being born.

And for those keeping score at home, I will be an age that rhymes with "Flirty Date". Gah.




At 11:06, Blogger luckybuzz said...

Birthdays ROCK. Especially your birthday. :)

Thanks for letting us know in time to prepare appropriate tributes...

(And: rhymes with "Flirty Date"? Coincidence?)

At 15:47, Blogger Richard said...

I am sure your life is far more exciting than mine and I am sure far more of your personality shines through your blog than you are willing to admit.

If we are all more wild and uninhibited in our blogs, just think how dull I am in person.

At 17:16, Blogger Beth said...

Sometimes I feel badly about blogging about myself all of the time, but most of the time I feel just like you. After all, it's our blogs and we can write about whatever we want!

I'll wish you happy birthday now as I'm liable to forget. I forgot my best friend's birthday this past weekend and I feel like a tool. In my defense I was on my death bed with a terrible cold, but still!

At 05:25, Blogger Chris said...

Beth's birthday is the day before yours! Neat. I'll be "dirty floor" on my next birthday. How'd this age thing happen so fast, anyway?


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