November 3, 2006

Randomosity: the bi-polar edition

When I logged in I had a perfect post lined up. Conveniently, you will never know what it was because I have completely forgotten now. I assure you that it would have been my most brilliant post ever. I just had a feeling about it.

Now what? I'm here so I guess I should talk about something.

  • I'm not smoking. Yay me. It's soooo easy! (Riiiiiggghhht.) (net positive)
  • The gorgeous Mr. Q and I are going to Knott's Berry Farm tomorrow with our extended family. W00t! I love me some rollercoasters! And boysenberry jam. (super positive)
  • I am a Citizens for Boysenberry Jam fan. (positive)
  • It is, perhaps, a little known fact that the founder of Knott's Berry Farm, one Mr. Walter Knott, was a prominent conservative ideologue and activist in Orange County who ran the Orange County School of Anti-Communism. He even handed out pamphlets to park goers regarding the evils of socialism and communism. Or so I've heard. (negative - like I need to tell you that)
  • Sunday, I am going to help the super charming, ever dashing and oh-so-rakish Mr. O make beer. I've never done that before so I can cross another thing off my list of things to do before I die. (exceedingly positive)
  • In other news, I have no tolerance for people who don't know what html is, don't know what the formatting toolbar looks like when they compose an email, and don't know what a hyperlink is. I will not tell you how to insert a hyperlink if you haven't even mastered the basic concept of formatting a freakin' email. Just one more reason that I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue. (net negative)
It probably looks like I need some lithium, but I am fairly certain that bi-polar is my resting state and I've made it this far without it.

Have a fun (& stable) weekend, y'all!

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At 14:15, Blogger luckybuzz said...

I've always wanted to make beer--I'm sure you'll have fun!

At 14:28, Blogger Dylan said...

You know, it's funny you mention it, but I prefer boysenberry more than any ordinary jam.

At 17:38, Blogger Beth said...

Yea for not smoking! Have a great time at the Farm.

At 19:22, Blogger Jesse said...

This comment has nothing to do with anything:

I just noticed, in my bathroom, on a shelf, covered in stuff belonging to my roomates, a tube of stuff, while attempting to locate hand lotion, the tube was not lotion, the tube was face mask, Whirled Pease face mask, I saw it, I found lotion, I ran to my computer, I found your blog, read this post, and then started to write this comment, about finding whirled peas face mask, in my bathroom, because your blog is called whirled peas, so is the face mask, it all seemed appropriate.

This is the end of my comment.

At 04:13, Blogger Craig said...

Ha! Nice Airplane! reference.

The nice thing about people making beer at home (the only nice thing, since it's vile and disgusting) is that you can lecture them about all of the other foods that require microorganisms to make: cheese, yogurt, wine, sauerkraut, bread, soy sauce, etc. What? Is it just me?


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