November 13, 2006

Road Trip!!!

[Three posts in one day? I think that is a record for me.]

I am pretty sure I have already mentioned that we (me & Mr. Q) are taking a road trip soon. We leave on Friday. This Friday. (yikes!)

I am getting really excited because a) Mr. Q has never seen where I grew up; b) It's been a really long time since I've been back to Ft. Worth, Texas - the place of my birth; and c) a road trip is always fun.

However, I am also freaking out a little. Please tell me if I am overreacting or if I have reason to be anxious, in your opinion. Also, tell me how you would cope with these issues.

Reasons that I am anxious about the visit (and/or reasons I might get shot):
1) My mom & dad live in a pretty small house. With one tv. And no cable!
2) Even worse: No wireless internet! (god help us)
3) There are no Starbucks in town (to the best of my knowledge) nor any espresso stands. (holy crap, what am I going to do?)
4) I drive a Swedish car. I could be shot upon entering the town.
5) My license plates are from California. I could be shot just for that one alone.
6) I am clearly "not from around these parts", even though I am. I need to work on blending a little more.
7) I only drink microbrewed beer. (Wow, I am starting to sound snobby & spoiled)
8) Well, 7 is enough, don't you think?

We've tentatively come up with some plans for late night insomnia at my parents house: books, magazines, dvds to watch on the laptop, books on tape for the iPod. And I guess I can go a few days without good coffee and certainly I can go a week without a Stone IPA ( my favorite). I am sad that I won't get to IM my friends (incl. my boyfriend and girlfriend!) while at my parents house (yes, I am 12). And anyway, I should be enjoying the company of my family while I can instead of IM'ing or drinking or watching HBO. Right? Right.

Anyway, I am sure the joy of seeing my family will more than outweigh the slight inconveniences. I know I shouldn't freak out over missing a few luxuries but, what can I say - I'm spoiled (a little).

I'll fill ya in on our itinerary and I'm hoping to blog from the road a little. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, help me out. What would you do?



At 19:37, Blogger Beth said...

Sometimes it's nice to have a digital vacation as well as a physical one. Have a great time, and try to enjoy yourself!

At 14:48, Anonymous Aubrie said...

Welcome back to Texas -- even if it is only for a visit!
I'm sure you will find that we aren't that inhospitable here... In fact, we don't make too much fun of California drivers. Just remember -- the left hand lane is the fast one. Don't be like all of our other visitors and assume you can go the speed limit in the fast lane.


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