December 7, 2006

Best. Christmas List. Ever.

I don't believe we can ever run out of Best. _____. Evers. And I am here to make sure that you get your daily dose of Best. Something. Ever.

This morning, Greg, my hott husband, asked me what I was going to get him for Christmas. I said... um... I... uh... er... gosh, I can't even think of anything you want. Which was true this morning, but of course I knew lots of things he wanted, I just couldn't access that file in my brain until 2 cups of coffee later.

Anyway, he sent me a list just now (totally helpful, thank you!) and it is too good not to publish here. Are you ready to see it? It's the Naughty Boy List. Mom & Dad, you might want to stop reading right here.

1) Bag of Sand

2) Surfboard (between 6 and 8 feet, 3 skags, double tail and colors in
green, blue, teal etc)

3) Your underwear in my mouth

4) Drum with a cool design on the side like a dolphin, woman, etc(NOT GRATEFUL DEAD). Either kind of drum is fine: Conga drum preferred. Medium size. Need more clarity let me know.

5) A manual on ethical behavior for the year 2007 (because I just have no idea)

6) Cell phone.....I don't care....Anything including 2 cans a string will do!!!!

7) PANTS!!! I need them but DO NOT WANT THEM FOR CHRISTMAS!!! OKAY!!!! (ogod)

8) You in a teddy and thong under the xmas tree on Christmas morn! :D

9) Argyle Socks and Boxers!

10) Necklace with a Stone.

12) Naked pictures of you in my stocking!

13) Rock Hard Abs!

14) GRETSCH HOLLOW BODY ELECTRIC GUITAR!!! You knooooooow what I like!!!!!!

15) Amp for my bass!!!

16) Being fanned with palm leaves and fed grapes!

17) BOOKS, DVDs and CDs always!!!! (that is so easy so don't even think you're off the hook with just this!)

18) 7 lb bouncing baby girl or boy!!! (See if you can pull that off in 3 weeks)

19) Cool Button Down shirts that I can wear untucked (you know like we saw in Santa Barbara)

20) New Clark's Shoes (or Doc Martin's)

21) Laughter, Joy, Fun, and Romantic Explosions, daily( you, me or both!)

OKAY. This is a start so I may send you more. Hope this helps!!! You send me a list too when you can!!!!!

I know I can manage half of those without spending a dime.w00t! I am terribly afraid he'll have to wait on the Gretsch though. And that manual on Ethics? I'm working on it.

Ahh, the magic of Christmas.



At 13:51, Anonymous Betty said...

That really IS the best list ever!! lol

PS. Remember a thousand years ago you sent me info on auto transport stuff?? Well, we finally got the car!! It took forever cuz we ended up needing tires and AC stuff and blah blah blah, but now it's here!!! THANKS!

At 15:33, Blogger luckybuzz said...

That is freaking adorable. And the manual on ethics for 2007 is still cracking me up. :)

At 05:46, Blogger Chris said...

At least you have some sort of direction ;-)

At 19:01, Blogger Suburban Turmoil said...

That's hot.


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