December 27, 2005


Hi! I'm back in the real world, reluctantly I might add, and I realize I have very little to say. I guess I'll give you lovely people my holiday run-down and a list of all the ways I got spoiled.

For a scaled-down Christmas, I think we actually got and gave more than usual. I am suffering from Christmas present hangover. I probably will forget something fabulous but I will try to remember all of it. In no particular order:

The sunglasses I wanted - I totally look like a movie star.
Gorgeous clothes and a jewelry box from Anthropologie.
Some movies.
A Lello pasta machine. Woot.
A food and martini basket. Complete with Absolut Kurant which I am so drinking tonight.
Sony Play Station 2, mostly for the little one, but also for us.
About 10 video games.

And, probably the best Christmas present ever - my son called me from Germany. Not only did he call me, but he tracked me down and called me, so it took a lot of effort. It was a Christmas miracle. I also talked to my daughter, who lives with her Dad, and that was excellent. It was definitely sucky to not see my kids on Christmas this year, but they were present in spirit, and they were safe and sound, so that counts for a lot.

We got more stuff, but I feel a little guilty about getting so much. Mr. Q's parents are super generous and they always make Christmas special and wonderful. They rock.

Sorry for the boring post. Once I get back into the swing of things, I'll figure out something witty and charming to tell you. There was the house/dog sitting adventure. And it was an adventure. Part of the reason I am still groggy. Decadence. I'll take it when I can get it, I guess!! I may be a goof, but I'm not stupid!



At 16:17, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Just a warning - the PS2 is totally addictive. I don't expect to hear from you for days.

At 09:20, Anonymous mooalex said...

Have fun with the PS2. I got Sims2, and it's addictive, too! I stayed up to 6:00 a.m. playing it the other night! Glad you had a good Christmas, Q!

At 11:29, Blogger Beth said...

I just recently discovered Anthropologie. I received some beautiful dish towels from there along with a catalog of their stuff. I may become addicted!


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