April 25, 2006

Calling all detectives

Maybe you can help me. Maybe you've had a similar experience. It's been driving me crazy for a few weeks. I wanted to ask you about this but I didn't really want to draw attention to it in case it's something freaky. Also, if you choose to take this assigment, you'll also have to tell me how to fix it!

I've been getting a weird referral lately. It's for a picture that used to be linked from one of my blog posts here to the original picture on flickr. The picture and the post are no longer available. But if you do a google search for certain things, you'll find a cached image. The problem is, I can't figure out what search terms are bringing so many people here to look for the picture. Are you following this? I did some research and finally figured out which picture it was and what post it was but, like I said, they are not "on the internet" anymore. I get it. You can never permanently delete things. But you know what I'm saying.

Here's the link: Mystery Link

Let me know what you know. What search term is bring people to this defunct photo and post. Thanks!

Today's bonus referral string is: "two peas in my ass". I don't even want to know why someone was looking for that!

UPDATE: Here is the actual referral string (I get appro. 2+ hits per day):

cpe-24-209-66-185.woh.res.rr.com (Road Runner)

Ohio, Dayton, United States, 0 returning visits
Date 25th April 2006
Time 10:10:58 PM
WebPage :


I can't put a stat counter on the google image result, so I guess I'll never know how they are finding the picture.



At 05:10, Blogger Jesse said...

I took a photo of a toothpick that was stuck to the wall by my bed back in my early days of blogging.

When I check referals that pictures come up as a goole image search. but I have NO idea what the original search terms were to get to that picture, and I really want to know.

I co-exist in magic mystery land with you.

At 06:57, Blogger luckybuzz said...

I'm not sure I even quite get what you & Jesse are talking about--it's early, and I'm under-caffeinated. So I'm just stopping by to say hi. :)

At 07:36, Blogger Richard said...

I use statcounter. It lets me see which search terms lead people to my blog and which search engines were used.

At 08:23, Blogger Jesse said...

Richard, I use sitemeter, it does the same thing. But all it shows is the refering link which is the particular image within the google image search, and that info does not explain what the actual search terms were that turned up the image in google image search.

At 08:37, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

So what was in the original photo? Inquiring minds wanna know... ;)

(Wondering if I could Google and come up with the same link?)

At 10:20, Blogger Richard said...

jesse: statcounter gives me the search terms as well (and it is free - at least for the last 100 page hits. If you want to track more page hits, you need to pay). Am I happy with it? Yes. Have I tried any others? No.

Here is an sample entry (spread over several lines, instead of the normal one):

date: 25 Apr
time: 15:23:40
search engine: www.google.com
query: adventists nanowrimo canada
landing page: Adventists NaNoWriMo Canada&hl

At 11:59, Blogger Kirkkitsch said...

I'm with Richard on this one. I use StatCounter too and it gives me the keywords that people are using to find certain images/posts, as well as how many people are getting to that post via the same search words.

Statcounter + some other super-secret detective work is how I managed to help that one bitch in her place who thought she would leave some bitch-ass comment on my blog "anonymously." I think not.

I tried Sitemeter, but I haven't had as much success with it. Another plus to StatCounter is that you can make it invisible. Hurray!

Good luck! :)

At 13:11, Blogger jessie said...

two peas in a bucket is a scrapbooking site with a message board, someone started a nasty blog mocking posters on the board and the blog title is 'two peas in my a**)so, probably not quite as kinky as it might have seemed, but certainly ridiculous!


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