June 6, 2006

You + me = BFF!

Gee, y'all are nice! I wasn't fishing for comments yesterday, really. But I'll take them where I can get them. I really like everything you all said and I am taking all of the comments to heart. I know I am my own worst critic but the encouragement helps me realize that I am not as sucky as I think I am. I also read a lot of blogs throughout the day and it's, like My Imperfect Offering said, kind of like checking in on a friend just to see what they're up to. I like that.


So, I do have a lot on my mind and most of it is pointless, irrational, and completely out of my control! There is the 'fat/ugly' problem - which I need to devote a whole post to - but that "problem" is just irrational and delusional self-scrutiny.

Here's the summary: I used to be very thin and in shape without actually doing anything. As I get older (gah) I notice that I can't stay a perfect size 2 without work. I know what you're saying: "PUHLEAZZZZE, Bitch!" I know! I suck! Everyone hates me. Well, whatever, I can't help it, I've got skinny genes and an overactive thyroid. But since all I do is sit around all day and drink coffee, I am getting a little tummy pooch where I used to have a six-pack and my butt and thighs are doing their best J.Lo impression. I am in my *cough, cough* late 30s *cough* and I know that I still look pretty good. I just feel like lately I've been downgraded from "great" to "good" and I don't know how I feel about that. Getting older bites. I am looking forward to being a hot 40-year old and a hot 50-year old but you know... It's really just the first time I've been face to face with the inevitability of aging and, eventually, dying and I'm not really comfortable with it yet.

Like I said, I can write a whole, long post about this and I think I will. In the meantime, I think I am going to try to enjoy looking this good now and wearing my funky sneakers and wearing my hair in pigtails. You know? Also, I wish I cared as much about my inner beauty as I do on my outer beauty! Then maybe I wouldn't be such a miserable old hag!

The other stuff on my mind (money, kids, me being a dork) can all wait for another day, too. I should be finding ways to buy my daughter's plane ticket so she can come down here at the end of the month and spend the summer with me instead of whining on my blog to the internets! But this is much more fun and waaaaay easier!

I've got to make like a banana and split now. I've got blogs to read, people to email, jobs to do, errands to run. Oh, and I really, really need to pee now!

Ciao bellas and bellos! Y'all seriously rock.



At 16:47, Blogger Beth said...

My problem is that I wonder so much why no one can see my inner beauty that I forget to worry about my outer beauty. Oh well - some day my prince will come.

Glad you've decided to stick with the blogging thing, it works on you!

At 19:08, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

"...miserable old hag!" Bwahahahaha!!! :)


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