September 22, 2006

Breaking News!

Pretend it is tomorrow already. I'm going to be out of town doing wild and crazy things with my Sexy Hot Husband, my New Boyfriend and his wife (my BFF) for my New Boyfriend's birthday, and won't be blogging. Still with me? Yeah, never mind.

My first real post at this here blog was September 23, 2005. Before that I wrote at a little site called "A Cat Named Pi". Some of you have been with me since then, some of you only recently started stalking me. No matter when you stumbled onto my little corner of the Internets, I am happy that you have helped make this tiny blog what it is today (uber-lame? NO! It's pretty darn cool, I think.)

In fact, I have almost given up more than a few times, but because you are such amazingly fun and cool people, you convinced me to keep writing/journaling/ranting/whatever it is I do here. Your comments make me smile, make me laugh, sometimes make me cry, but your comments are at least half of the reason this is an important place for me to come everyday. Even if you never comment, I am glad that you spend a minute or two out of your day to see what's happening with me here at Narcissism Central.

And really, that's all it is, isn't it? A minute or two out of your day - for shits and giggles, for curiosity, for whatever. It's been a great outlet for me to keep from being too serious, to learn how to laugh at myself, to experiment with self-disclosure, to take risks and get to know people I would otherwise never meet.

So, thanks!

To celebrate, we should all make out!

The stats (more or less):

Number of posts I've written: 237 posts
Number of comments I've received: Lots of comments but some times all I get is *crickets*

Number of page views: as far as I can tell, I've had 21,000 page views
Number of unique visitors: 13,621 Unique visitors (more than half of those never came back!)

Number of bloggers I've met in person: 2 bloggers (most recently Luckybuzz)

And, the best part probably...

The number of people I would call a fan friend: all of y'all!




At 13:27, Blogger Craig said...

Congrats and happy B(log)-Day.

At 16:09, Anonymous mikey said...

Are you sure? I've got onion and pepper breath right now...

At 21:40, Blogger Beth said...

Woo-hoo! Happy Blogiversary!

At 05:40, Blogger my imperfect offering said...

Happy Blogiversary! Be sure and report back with all the b-day fun so the rest of us can live vicariously through you (the real reason we keep coming back). ;)

At 11:16, Blogger Megs said...

I know I'm late...just wanted to say thanks for sharing :)


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