August 7, 2006

Countdown Meme

It's Monday (and 5 days since my last motor vehicle breakdown - yay!). I don't want to freak out about anything so I'm depersonalizing it a little by making it a meme!

5 - # of days since last car breakdown. Please knock on wood, now! Thanks!

1 - # of days until septoplasty. I am not freaking out. I am not freaking out. I am not freaking out. *rocking back & forth*

1 - # of head injuries sustained on Saturday when an errant basketball whacked me on top of the head causing me to cry. Afterward, my cry button was permanently on, so I ended up crying pretty much all day at everything! Good, bad, indifferent - it didn't matter, I was teary eyed the rest of the day. For instance, while eating Chinese food, I cried when I saw the most perfect looking eggroll ever. I was emotional. I seem to have recovered now.

3 - # of days since my boss & his wife ran into me and my handsome and teh nice friend and co-worker, Bogie (he of drunken home remodeling fame), walking to dinner. Awkward! You see, Mr. Q had a work party and all of our other friends were busy so me & Bogie walked up to a pizza place. Totally innocent. My boss is kind of like a father to me, though, so I am waiting for the lecture on proper conduct for married women. Pshaw! As if!

5 - # of days until the Lush Party where I get to meet Lori!! I'm still waiting to hear from the rest of you. Come on, you know you wanna go!! It's not too late to sign up.

4 - # of hours until I go home from work today and start my week off! Yay? I'll let you know post-op unless I'm too doped up to navigate Blogger. Wish me luck!



At 13:34, Blogger Craig said...

So, will you be all better in 5 days for the Lush party? I hope for your sake that the septoplasty isn't too much like having sinus surgery, because tampons in the nostrils is not a good look for anybody.

And how hard did that baseball hit you?

At 14:06, Blogger Richard said...

When my nose was bent all out of shape (by a friend's errant knee), my brother decided to take things into his own hands and fix it by puching me in the nose.

I can feel where my nose was broken, but otherwise it appears normal.


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