September 18, 2006

Contest Announcement

Apropos to my last post , I was talking to a Very Good Friend and we figured out that my daughter was text messaging for about 3 HOURS per day for the past month. I am pretty sure that Moby Dick was written in less time than that.

So, my task for you is this: Tell me, what could my daughter have been texting about for 3 HOURS per day every day for the past month? Best idea wins an imaginary trophy for their imaginary trophy case.

Also, since I haven't been successful selling her on e-Bay, I am going to go out on a tastelss and freakishly long limb and put up my paypal link so you can *cough cough* contribute to a totally worthless cause:

The life you save may be your own my daughter's.
HAHAHA. I'm a loser, what can I say? Pwnd for life by Verizon. (The phone will be off by evening by the way.) Anyway, please, please, please tell me what she was texting.

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At 16:07, Blogger Jesse said...

well, seeing as I never texted anyone ever before I moved to NYC, and have been, for the past month or 2, texting like a fiend, and am inturn dreading my next bill, I will tell you what I have been texting:

"what are you doing"
"I'm bored"
stupid crap

I hate text messaging. I hate cell phones. People should just send me letters or yell at me from over yondeer.

At 16:51, Blogger luckybuzz said...

I don't know, but did everybody hear that JESSE IS TEXTING SMOOCHING??!

Sorry. My internal 12 year old is annoying and persistent.

Um...maybe she was texting about what an awesome mom she has? (Let's hope so, for her sake.)

At 17:47, Blogger Shafa said...

She was not texting.

She was TALKING.

My phone bill once was $220 for over a thousand freakin' text messages. Silly me didn't know that AIM on the phone is quite pricey.

Anyway, I bet she was tutoring someone over the phone about the Krebs Cycle. It takes a long time to explain.

At 18:00, Blogger Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Who is Jesse texting smooching?

I bet your daughter was texting about Jesse smooching too.

At 19:20, Blogger Craig said...

She's 17? probably don't want to know what she's been texting. Mostly because it probably starts with something along the lines of "Dear Penthouse, I never thought something like this would happen to me..." (Just kidding, I'm sure it's nothing like this)

Other suggestions:
"How cool is my mom for letting me have this phone?"

Her Star Trek fanfic novella, updated entirely via text messages.

"Can you hear me now?" "Can you hear me now?" 200 times a day.

"What are you doin'?" "Nothin'. What are you doin'?" "Nothin'." "I'm bored. Let's do something." "Ok, what do you want to do?" "Nothin'. You?" "Nothin'." Repeat until you feel like a 17 year old again.

and finally to make you feel better: many, many messages containing the statement "Boys are icky. Now, I need to get back to studying and forget all about them until I'm 21."

Good luck with the beatings.

At 20:03, Blogger Beth said...

She was obviously busy texting everyone she knows to encourage them to vote Democratic in the next election. She's one dedicated citizen that daughter of yours!

At 08:03, Anonymous mikey said...

Dude, she's 17. She's probably been debating things like universal health care, global climate change, and collective bargaining as it relates to her current job prospects with her friends.

Or, she could have been talking about Omigod did you see that skirt that Kelly wore yesterday? SO did not match the shoes.


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