September 13, 2006

Pimping Oliver

Hey Party People! I forgot to announce that my very good friend, Oliver (aka OliverBrave), is in the States this week. Go stalk him, now!

Do any of you remember when I was pimping out his project near the end of April this year? And remember how I was the first American to submit my video? And how it was such a fun project that I got nothing out of other than the pure joy of helping a friend with a fun project? Seriously, I got no compensation (other than instant recognition when I walk down the street - oh wait, that's from something else. Nevermind.)

The reason I ask is that it has been nominated for a prize. Oliver was one of the the creators of 15x15 which is one of four finalists in the Art category at the 2006 FlashForward Awards . Winners will be announced tonight. Wish him luck telepathically or leave a comment, he checks in here from time to time!.

I totally wanted to go to Austin myself and hang out with him but I'll have to be satisfied with a phone call. My amazing, extraordinary and uber-hunky husband even said I could go!! He's too good for me. Mr. Q - you are an angel! (sidenote: post is forthcoming on how fab Mr. Q is and how he spoils me.) Anyway.

Oliver, you are da bomb! Good luck tonight. Let us know how it goes (I know. I know. It's an honor just to be nominated!). I'm one of your biggest fans, you know!

P.S. Call me before you jet back to England, if you can!




At 14:36, Blogger Bright Star said...

Go, Oliver, go! Congrats, man!

At 06:32, Blogger Oliver said...

Well, it is the morning after the night before and I just wanted to thank you all for your telepathic wishes - I am officially a FlashForward 2006 winner in the Art category, and staying true to the British way... I am 'bloody chuffed!'.

I just got a total of two hours sleep, my eyes like death (no joke) and got back from a 24 breakfast cafe at 4:45am. It was a great night!

WP - it is a shame we couldn't meet up, but thank you to Mr. Q for being totally understanding about it! [Your wife is one of the coolest people on the planet and I envy your position!].

Well, I don't have a hangover, so I could still be drunk - people were putting Vodka Soda's in my hand all night and that doesn't come without a physical price!

Take care everyone, and watch this space... I might be joining you all again soon.


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